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Why Your Hulu Watch Party Might Still Have Ad Breaks

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Undeniably, it's easier to access and join Hulu Watch Party as now it's available to all subscribers of Hulu. Also, we all Hulu watch party lovers love to stream via the Hulu Watch Party extension, but sometimes facing the Ad breaks in between streaming feels unwelcoming and unpleasant. If you don’t know, it all started way back in May for subscribers on Hulu’s premium ad-free plan. But currently, it is known as a standard plan, which is more like an inclusion for all Hulu plans. Whether you own ad-supported subscriptions, a standalone or ad-free plan doesn't matter. 

If you have Disney Plus or ESPN, now you can enjoy the Hulu bundle. Hulu has tried to make things easy for all the different subscription or plan holders by putting in the effort. But in return, it welcomes irresistible and unskippable ad breaks while streaming movies or shows at your Hulu Watch Party. Now, let’s dig deeper and explore how you can get rid of this problem and start a Watch Party Hulu.  

Basics of Hulu Watch Parties 

Now all Hulu subscribers or users can join and use the Hulu Watch Party extension anytime. And this streaming anytime feature is applicable, even if you are co-watching or streaming together. Hence, there are some Watch Party Hulu basics that you can follow before organizing a Hulu Party:  

1. First and foremost, the “Watch Party Hulu” supports only up to eight total users to join per session. Besides, every participant at the watch party must have their own active Hulu subscription to join.

2. The next thing you need to remember is to use a compatible device to let Hulu's website easily work on it. The Watch Party members have the choice to use a desktop, laptop, or tablet. Remember, installing the Hulu Watch Party extension doesn’t support working on smartphones, gaming consoles, smart TVs, or any other streaming devices. 

3. When selecting streaming content, you can select TV shows and movies to watch at the Hulu Party. Don’t worry about the supported titles, as Hulu has “thousands” of them.

4. The last thing you must consider while creating a Watch Party is that the user must be 18 years old or above. The reason is Hulu got disabled on child accounts/profiles.  

What Happens When you Invite Different Types of Subscribers to your Hulu Watch Party?

Usually, inviting different types of subscribers to your Hulu Watch Party is called the service-wide rollout. And it indicates that every Watch Party member will experience a different experience based on their Hulu subscription level. Suppose you have an ad-supported plan, then your streaming video will pause periodically due to ad breaks. As a resolution, you can add and stream with members having ad-free plans at your Hulu Party. Moreover, these restrictions are slightly similar to co-watching features on Disney+, Movies Anywhere, or Messenger. 

How to Use Hulu Watch Party Extension? 

1. First, you must launch on your PC/laptop or tablet’s web browser.

2. Then, you need to visit the library and search for the streaming video you prefer. 

3. Remember, the Watch Party-enabled content will have a new multi-user icon. You can watch this next to the “Start Watching” button on a program’s “Details” page.

4. Next, you need to click on the “Watch Party” button.

5. Further, select the “Start the party” icon while prompted to open a virtual Watch Party window.

6. Now, to create the watch party link, copy and paste the URL. And then, share it with your friends and tell them to open the link to join the “Watch party Hulu.”

7. Ensure the other watch party members have logged into their Hulu accounts. 

8. Lastly, once all the watch party members have joined, click the “Start Party” button to begin streaming. And here, how to use Hulu Watch Party extension for streaming ends.

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