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What to Watch on Hulu?

What to Watch on Hulu

When it comes to online streaming, Hulu is the most popular platform that you should consider. It has incredible features along with a great library to make your Hulu Watch Party the most entertaining. Let’s create fun together with this marvellous way of binge-watching in sync. But, what to watch is the biggest question when you have various considerable options. There are plenty of great TV shows and movies to enjoy at Hulu Watch Party. Therefore, choosing the best one looks like an impossible task without suggestions. 


So, here we are to help! In this reading, We have brought top shows on Hulu, including some of the most impressive, award-winning, and watch-worthy series out there. Wonder how we made this list? We mainly focus on the latest releases on Hulu so that you won’t have to invest time to find out the prestigious one to watch in sync. This What To Watch On Hulu list is equipped with the most fantastic web series and TV Shows. Therefore, let’s continue with the reading to save your time scrolling to find out the worth watching. 

These are the Best Shows and Movies that you can Add in your What To Watch On Hulu:

1. Godfather of Harlem

Godfather of Harlem

Godfather of Harlem is based on a true story. In the early 1960s, infamous crime boss Bumpy Johnson returns after ten years of imprisonment. He focuses on finding the neighbourhood who he used to rule in shambles. But, the streets get controlled by the Italian mob, and now Bumpy will have to fight with a Genovese crime family to retake control. You can create a Hulu Watch Party to enjoy this crime drama with distant friends.

2. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

This is a short film based on a gang of five friends. Each member of “The Gang” shows immoral behaviour, such as being dishonest and self-centred. These unethical habits often lead them to trouble. To enjoy these hilarious characters with distant friends, you can host a Hulu Watch Party worldwide.

3. Mandibles

Film based on two friends named Jean-Gab and Manu who find a giant fly stuck in a car. Both girls think upon training the giant fly to earn money with it. Add this film to your What To Watch On Hulu List so you can enjoy the film as a portrait of friendship on Hulu with long-distance friends.

4. Reservation Dogs

Reservation Dogs

Reservation Dogs portray the story of four Native American teenagers in Oklahoma. It highlights the trouble a youth has to face, for example, poverty, violence, and lack of future opportunities. You can have fun watching this on Hulu Watch Party and play the marvellous story in sync anytime.

5. Queens


Queens is an American musical drama television series focused on four women. You will get to know how close these women were to one another as they made up a very famous ’90s hip-hop group, and all of a sudden, they broke up. To know how they go their separate ways and what happens after, you can arrange Hulu Party with friends who live far away and enjoy streaming together.