Hulu Watch Party

is now available on Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox

What Is Hulu Watch Party

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Streaming series and movies and wandering through the extensive content library can sometimes be boring. However, you can change those clouds of monotonous streaming with Hulu Watch Party Extension. 

By inviting your distant friends and family over a simple yet extremely fun movie night, you can get the experience of togetherness that you never had before. It's not often that we get to meet all our loved ones; therefore, Hulu Watch Party is here for your aid. With this new-age extension, you can quickly and easily connect with your far-off loved ones. Furthermore, thanks to the Hulu Watch Party addon, you can have a total blast by watching Hulu movies and series with complete privacy and no ad interruptions. 

Moreover, this web extension is a new way of bonding. Therefore, occasion or not, catch up with the people you love with a few simple clicks.

How to do a Hulu Watch Party? 

To enjoy and host a Hulu party where your friends and family can stream movies and series together, you must install the watch party extension. You can have a watch party of up to 100 members; thus, unlimited fun is ensured with Hulu Party Extension. Now, follow the below step-by-step instruction to install the extension: 

1. Get the Extension:

You can download the extension using browsers like Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. Furthermore, this watch party extension function wonderfully with devices, including Chromebooks, Macs, and Windows. Additionally, you can get the extension by clicking here. 

2. Pin the Extension:

To utilize the extension extensively, you must pin it to the toolbar. In order to pin it to the top of the page, click the extension icon next to your browser's toolbar. You may also acquire the extension symbol by clicking on the puzzle icon if you can't find it.

3. Access your Hulu Account:

Logging into your Hulu account will let you continue the procedure. Furthermore, to host or participate in a Hulu Watch Party, make sure you have your own individual Hulu subscription. 

4. Search, Play, and Pause:

After logging in, look up, select, and play any movie or content of your choosing. After that, pause the video, as it is an important step in organizing a watch party.

5. Launch the Extension

Next, open the Hulu Watch Party extension by going to your browser and clicking on the icon for the extension. A window with the text "CREATE A WATCH PARTY" will then appear. The "START WATCH PARTY" button will be visible in that window; click or tap it to create the invitation URL or link.

6. Just Be Together

Finally, you must complete the extension installation process to participate in the Hulu party. Then, click the invitation URL that the party host shared with you to access the most amazing movie night.

Features Of Hulu Watch Party

Here is a complete peek into what more the Hulu Party Extension can deliver to the users. 


1. Stream Hulu Content Globally:
Hulu offers a wide variety of programming in hundreds of genres for all types of audiences. However, the streaming platform is not available worldwide. On the other hand, the Hulu Watch Party extension is additionally available everywhere. Therefore, anyone can use it wherever they like. Henceforth, you can use a VPN if your region or location does not support the streaming platform. With its help, you can easily activate a Hulu membership and download the watch party extension to be with your far-flung friends.

2. Complete Control Of The Watch Party:
As the host, you can decide if you want total control over the watch party. Furthermore, turn on the "Only I have Control" button to attain complete control. Otherwise, turn it off if you don't want it. The video can also be played, paused, fast-forwarded, or resumed with the control key.

3. Live Group Chat:
The entire watch party can converse while streaming the content in real-time sync. This extension has a fantastic "Group Chat" feature that allows you to talk about anything you like in a text box on the side. Emojis can also be used to express your reactions to the live activity in chats. 


4. Synchronization and High-Resolution Streaming:
Quality streaming is what everyone loves, no matter whether you are alone or together. Therefore, this extension improves your viewing experience. Furthermore, it tries to provide the finest binge-watching experience it can. Additionally, it offers HD resolution, so you can only watch the premium-quality video. By streaming it with real-time sync, you may also share the content with your loved ones. 

5. Personalization:
Hulu Watch Party extension makes your virtual watch parties even more enjoyable by allowing you to customize your chat profiles. You can select and keep unique nicknames and cute profile icons from all the available avatars. Thus, you can keep your own adorable identity. 

6. Free To Use:
The watch party extension is an easy-to-use extension that allows unlimited access to all fantastic features and entertainment. Therefore, you won't have to spend any nickel to enjoy it with your family.


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