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The 9 Best Ways to Host a Hulu Watch Party

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Hulu Watch Party itself is sufficient to host watch parties for Hulu. Furthermore, the extension's smart functioning, like perfect synchronization, built-in chat, HD streaming resolutions, and profile customization, makes virtual parties more fun and entertaining. Additionally, it allows you to watch your Hulu favorites with your friends and family, no matter where they are. With this feature, you can host a virtual movie night with your far-flung friends and family and or a binge-watch session with a long-distance partner. 

However, the extension doesn't function at several spots wherever the streaming service is unavailable. Therefore, using the alternatives to stream your favorite Hulu shows and movies is an ideal solution in such a situation. These group-watching extensions work exactly like your very own Hulu Watch Party

In this writing, we'll discuss the 9 best ways to host a watch party for Hulu. If you are also looking for ways to do a Hulu Party, then stay tuned. 

1. Hulu's Watch Party Feature

The Hulu streaming platform itself offers a built-in feature on the website that is the simplest way to host a Hulu Watch Party. All you need is a subscription to the streaming platform. Open Hulu on your web browser and select the TV show or film you wish to watch with your friends and family. When you've decided what to watch, click the "Watch Party" icon and share the link with your friends to invite them. Finally, join the watch party by tapping on the invitation URL. 

2. Scener Chrome Extension

Not just Hulu, but watch content from other streaming services like Netflix, Prime Video, and Disney Plus with your friends with the Scener Extension. While watching a series or movie, this extension adds a video chat feature allowing you to see and hear your pals. Therefore, it creates a theater-like experience to give a more authentic touch. Install the extension on your web browser, sign into your Hulu account, and then click the Scener icon to start a virtual watch party.

3. TwoSeven Website

Just like Scener, here is another platform to watch episodes and movies from various OTT services, including Hulu. Watch TV remotely with your friends and catch up with them more often for some hearty entertainment. You may watch Hulu and other streaming services with your friends on the website TwoSeven. Create an account, select the content you wish to watch, and start a watch party by inviting your friends to utilize the tool. While streaming a TV or a movie on TwoSeven, you can video chat with your friends and send emojis as your reaction to the ongoing content.

4. Watch2Gether Website 

Another website that allows you to watch streaming services like Hulu with your far-flung friends and relatives is called Watch2Gether. You can easily create a virtual living room, invite your pals, and start watching a show or movie using the straightforward user interface. Moreover, Watch2Gether also includes a video chat feature and messaging options to share a real-time experience.

5. Kast App

This list of Hulu Party alternatives is not limited to the extension only; you can use some applications and websites as well. With the help of the desktop application Kast, you may watch Hulu and content from other streaming sites with your friends while sharing your screen. This application includes audio and video chat capabilities, as well as webcam and microphone sharing. Moreover, it perfectly times the video playback to keep everyone in sync. 


6. Rave App

Watch Hulu and other streaming services with your friends and far-flung relatives using the smartphone app Rave. Furthermore, it streamlines your viewership experience by syncing your playback with your pals and provides audio and video chat features. Therefore, install the app on your smartphone, sign in to your Hulu account, then start binge-watch with your close ones.

7. Discord App

Discord is a well-liked game streaming application that allows users to watch videos and streams related to gaming. However, you can use it the other way around to watch movies and TV shows with peers. While watching a show or movie on Hulu, you may create a server, invite your friends, and share your screen. In Discord, audio, and video chat functions are also supported. Therefore, establish your own virtual theater in the comfort of your home.

8. Metastream

While watching videos with friends and family, this browser add-on provides a smooth and synchronized streaming experience. Also, it supports a variety of content providers, such as Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+. It is a fantastic option for a virtual movie night because of its integrated chat system and synchronized video playback. Moreover, it functions on Linux-based platforms.

9. Teleparty Extension

With the help of the Teleparty Chrome Extension, you may stream content from Hulu and other websites with your friends. Furthermore, this add-on has text chat functionalities that along with HD streaming resolutions. Install the extension on your Chrome or Edge browser, sign into your Hulu account, and then click the Teleparty icon to launch a watch party.

In conclusion, there are a multitude of tools, websites, and apps available to host a Hulu Watch Party. Additionally, it can't get any simpler to watch TV online together. Therefore, install it now and enjoy it with loved ones whenever you like.

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